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About Cathryn Sullivan


"Cathryn Sullivan is one of the top acting coaches in the nation," said a renowned casting director who casts for popular Disney & Netflix shows, to a group attending a seminar who wanted to know how to help their children and teens reach their dreams. "Learn from her!" he said.


NEW STARS: Cathryn's new stars are:

MALLORY MAHONEY, who booked Disney's "Adventures in Babysitting" is now the lead on Disney's TV show "Bunk'd"  & recently booked an episode of "On My Block" as a guest star while simultaneously working on BUNK'D. 

PAULINA CHÁVEZ is the Star of  the Netflix series "The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia". She plays Ashley Garcia on a Mario Lopez show & Eva Longoria was one of the directors on that set.  Paulina lived in San Antonio and made her Mom drive here for five years. She and was not only a master student who came here every Saturday, she worked as an aide as well for the class before and after her class. 

PAULET DEL CASTILLO  has filmed 12 episodes of "Mixed-ish" and will be going back to Cali to shoot 3-4 more episodes! Paulet has a recurring role and is Best friends with the oldest daughter on that show. Paulet travels between Texas and California, is a master student who trains continually, and is still in public school! Paulet is killing it! 

OLIVIA WELCH was a Premiere Student who worked as a full time aide at the studio for at least three years is one of Cathryn's A-list aides. Olivia is the star of the "Fear Street" trilogy and is one of the two stars on the new Amazon Prime TV show "Panic" filming in Austin, TX this Fall. 

BREC BASSINGER started her career when she booked a Nickelodeon show as the star on "Bella & the Bulldogs". Now, she will be starring in the new TV series "Stargirl" which is coming out May 19, 2020 on the CW.  

Master Teacher/Master student KATIE SARIFE & Former AC student 

McKENNA GRACE are in "Annabelle Comes Home". Both Katie and McKenna are Cathryn Sullivan Alumni's. McKenna is considered the  'it' girl in Hollywood, and is in "Ghostbusters 2020". 

Speaking of GHOSTBUSTERS 2020,  LOGAN KIM is the only star of this film without a lot of credits and he is one of ours!   

JAREN LEWISON  was an Aide and Premiere Student at Cathryn's until this past July when he booked a Regular part on a Netflix series,

 "Never Have I Ever". Jaren has been a student of Cathryn's since he was seven years old.  Jaren still bops in to help the studio still! 

ANNE WINTERS began her career in the TV series  as a regular on "Tyrant"  and is now in "13 Reasons Why" & "Grande Hotel", and won an Emmy for "Zac & Mia". 

J T NEAL (Master Student & Aide)  is a regular on ABC's "Bless this Mess" which is in it's second season. 

BRYCE CASS has a recurring role  in two seasons of "13 Reasons Why" (2nd & 3rd seasons & he plays Cyrus). Bryce is also on the Amazon Prime show as a recur on "Panic". 

ASHLEY NICOLE WILLIAMS  is a Lead in a Freeform show called "Motherland: Fort Salem". Ashley was a Premiere Student who went to Cathryn from ages 7-18 when she moved to L.A. 

Premiere Students KENNEDY HERMANSEN & SHELBY SURDAM have been regulars on Facebook watch's "Skam". 

DEVIN WAY plays Dr. Blake Simms on "Grey's Anatomy", as well as on "Station 19". 

MCKALEY MILLER- McKaley was on "Hart of Dixie" for 4 years and you've seen her in so many guest starring roles including "Scream Queen", "Bones", "Faking It"  Movie "Ma" with Octavio Spencer. 

NOAH COTTRELL  and  QUINN COPELAND will star in the reboot of "Punky Brewster"! Noah has been taking classes at the studio since he was about 5-6 years old! He got his first big break when he played Dwayne Johnson's (the Rock) son in "Skyscraper". He continues to train with me in-between his gigs!  Quinn is an AC student and also has takesn privates with Cody Linley for a year and a half!

VALERIA  JAUREGUI booked a recurring role in "Deputy" on Fox. 

JAKE MELROSE booked a Disney show, "Sulphur Springs" .  It filmed  in New Orleans.

KARIANA KARHU booked a part in the Amazon series, "Panic". 

LAUREL EMORY booked a Netflix show called "The Healing Powers of Dude".

ESHAUN ENAMDAR booked a role in Apple TV's "Little America". 

Season 1 of EDISON GRANT 's show "Endlings" is now being aired on HULU. He just got back from Canada after  filming season 2 !!



DEMI LOVATO -Check out what Demi's Mother, Dianna de la Garza says about Cathryn in her book "Falling with Wings".   She talks about how Cathryn championed Demi the six years she coached under her. 

Demi was a Disney star on "Sonny with a Chance", "Camp Rock" and many other Disney movies for several years, but then- went on to win a People's Choice for "Favorite TV guest Star" in 2012 for "Grey's Anatomy" which Cathryn coached her for. Besides Demi being known as a huge singing star, she just finished a movie with Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams called "Eurovision".

SELENA GOMEZ (Selena began being  a star on "Wizards of Waverly Place" whom Cathryn Coached her on & other Disney movies, went on to movies like "Romona & Beezus" and is now a Producer on "13 Reasons Why" as well as a voice-over star on the "Hotel Transylvania" trilogy) and many others. You can see Cathryn on Selena's E-Hollywood Story.

THOMAN MANN  was not only a Master student, but a master teacher & is now considered an A-list Hollywood Actor. 

Thomas began with "Project X" &"Me & Earl & The Dying Girl" and moved on to "The Highwaymen", "Kong: Skull Island" & "Fargo".

CODY LINLEY was a Pro Master Student and Master teacher and still teaches three times a year at the studio . Cody began his career at 8 years old as a Supporting Lead in "My Dog Skip" & had small, important roles in movies like  "Miss Congeniality"  & "Cheaper by the Dozen". He went on to be a recurring role as Miley's Boyfriend for 4 years on  Hannah Montana, Won 4th place on "Dancing with the Stars" (Season 7 in  2008) , was a lead in  "Hoot", and a star in "Hoovey".  Cody teaches in L.A. now at Cynthia Bain's Acting School.

Premiere Student HAYLEY ORRANTIA booked ABC's "The Goldbergs" three weeks after moving to L.A. which is going into its 8th season. 

Middle School Master student MATT McCANN is a regular on "Man with a Plan" and is in it's  third year where  he plays Matt LeBlanc's son. 

BRYCE GHEISAR is a master student who was first booked on Disney's "Walk the Prank" and had supporting roles in "Wonder" (with Julia Roberts & Owen Wilson)  & a lead in "A Dog's Purpose" and just booked a starring role in a new show Ron Howard show on Nick call "The Astronauts".

LOGAN MILLER was a master student & master teacher at the Studio. He began by playing Matthew McConaughey as a young boy in "Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past" and went on to star in "I'm in the Band". He was  a lead  in the movie "Love,  Simon", a lead in "Escape Room"   and had a  recurring role  in the  "Walking Dead" TV show. 

DEBBY RYAN started on many Disney shows including being a star of "Jessie" after working on all the Suite life shows. She is the the star  of "Insatiable"   & is now producing shows.  

BELLE SHOUSE, who used to make  her mom drive to the studio from Brenham, Texas every week ( a four drive one way) for almost five years when she booked ABC's  "Secrets  and Lies". She had 20 episodes on "Project  Mc2" and is now in Facebook Watch's " Queen America" with Catherine Zeta-Jones.  

MARSAI MARTIN has been a regular on "Black-ish" for 118 episodes (5 seasons going on 6) and just did a movie called "Little" that Marsai stars in and is also an executive producer!  

MADISON PETTIS Started her career by being the Rock's daughter in "The Game Plan" & played Corey's sister in Disney's "Corey In the House" and is now on a Facebook watch show called "Five Points".